Ladies Night

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Gilwood Ladies Night Schedule for 2018

Cost: $10.00 Members. $35.00 Non Members includes green fee. Start Time 6:00 PM except where noted.

Game Formats
TROUBLE NIGHT:  Count 1 point for every time you go in the trees, sand or water, or take 3 putts or more. Prizes for most points, 2nd most, Least points and 2nd least.
2 PERSON ALTERNATE SHOT: 2 person teams. Both tee off, take the best drive and hit alternate shots from there for the rest of the hole.
SCRAMBLE PLUS 1:  Scramble format, but on each hole 1 person plays their own ball while the other 3 scramble. Add the 2 scores together for each hole (6 10}. Alternate who plays their own ball on the first 8 holes (each person will play their own ball twice}. On your last hole, everyone scrambles for 1 score.
TWO PERSON BEST SCORE: 2 person teams. Each person plays their own ball, but you only record the lowest score on each hole as your team score.
BINGO/BANGO/BONGO: give 1 point each for long drive, first on, closest to pin and first in. Prizes will be awarded to most points in each group.
MULLIGAN NIGHT: You can use 1 Mulligan per hole, but choose wisely as you must continue play from your mulligan shot. (unused mulligans do not transfer over to next hole!}.
TEAM COMBINED SCORE: Play your own ball each hole:
Team of 4 - drop the high score on each hole and add together the other 3 scores each hole (eg. 4+5+5 (drop the 8} 14}.
Team of 3 - add together all 3 scores for each hole.
Team of 2 - add together the 2 scores+ the lowest score again for each hole (eg. 4 + 6 10 + 4 again 14}.



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